10 Amazing Things to Do in Montenegro


Montenegro is a small country on the Adriatic coast in southeastern Europe, renowned for its beautiful landscapes and stunning vistas. There are many amazing things to do in Montenegro and the country has plenty of attractions for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are 10 Amazing Things to Do in Montenegro:

1. Old Town.

Take a stroll through the picturesque historical centre of Montenegro. Visit many of the impressive buildings, such as the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Monastery of St. George, and the Palace of the Petrović dynasty. Enjoy the local cuisine and be sure to take in the breathtaking views of the bay.

2. Trekking.

Discover the stunning natural beauty that Montenegro has to offer with a range of trekking routes. Choose from more than 1,000 km of trails, including some of the world’s most scenic and rewarding hikes.

3. Saint Stephen.

Visit the luxurious island resort of Sveti Stefan, a former fishing village turned into an idyllic seaside hideaway for the international elite. Don’t miss a stroll through the historic centre, where you’ll find ancient cobblestones, fortified walls and small winding alleys.

4. Kotor.

Kotor is Montenegro’s most popular tourist destination, and for good reason. This medieval fortified town sits on the edge of a stunning fjord, and its cobblestone streets and stunning architecture will take you back in time. Be sure to explore the nearby monasteries and hike to the castle overlooking the bay.

5. Damages Lake.

Explore the largest lake in the Balkans, where you’ll find over 40 islands and see some of the most incredible wildlife in Europe. From churches to monasteries, there are plenty of attractions to discover. You can take a boat to explore the lake or take a kayak if you’re feeling adventurous.

6. Coastline.

Explore Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline where you’ll find unspoiled beaches, fascinating historical sites and small quaint fishing villages. Stay at one of the many resorts and take in the stunning views of the sun setting over the sea.

7. Kayaking.

Go for a kayaking adventure on one of Montenegro’s many rivers. Explore the country’s wild and untamed landscape, passing through gorges, rapids and small villages.

8. Wine Tasting.

Sample some of the delicious local wines on a wine tasting tour of Montenegro. Visit vineyards and feast on traditional Montenegrin dishes while taking in the views of the rural landscape.

9. Rafting.

Experience the thrills of rafting down the Tara River, one of Europe’s wildest rapids. Enjoy the spectacular views and make sure to visit some of the nearby sights.

10. Durmitor National Park.

Discover the stunning Durmitor National Park and its gorgeous mountains, lakes and rivers. Hike to the summit of the Bobotov Kuk and take in the breathtaking views of the Tara River Canyon. No matter what you do here, it’s sure to be an adventure.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, Montenegro has something to offer everyone. So come and explore all the amazing things to do in this Adriatic gem.

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