10 Things Visitors Should be Aware of Before Travelling to India

10 Things Visitors Should be Aware of Before Travelling to India

India is an amazing and diverse country and is full of surprises, so travelers must be aware of certain things before visiting. Here are 10 tips that will get you prepared and help you stay safe while enjoying your trip to India.

1. Get your Visa

Before anything else, make sure to check what type of visa you need and prepare all documents required. India is strict about its visa regulations and travelers need a paper Visa or eVisa depending on their country of origin.

2. Vaccination

Make sure that your vaccines are up to date, as some countries are prone to diseases like Malaria and Typhoid. Check with your local doctor or consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which provide up to date information about vaccinations.

3. Learn the Etiquettes

When travelling to a new country, learn about their customs and respect their culture, especially in India. Respect their religion, follow the dress codes, and be polite so to make sure that you can enjoy your trip without any interruptions.

4. Be Ready for Crowds

India is a densely populated country and chances are you’ll experience large numbers of people everywhere you go. So it is best to be prepared and expect crowds.

5. Preparing for the Language Barrier

In India people speak different languages and dialects. Hindi is the national language, but other popular languages include Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. While it is not necessarily compulsory to learn the language, having a few basic words and phrases might come in handy.

6. Stay Safe in Transit

If you’re using public transport, be aware of pickpockets and keep your belonging safe. Furthermore, beware of excessive haggling at bus and train stations. Take your time when it comes to buying tickets and pay the exact fare that is required.

7. Use the Legal Currency

The official currency in India is the Indian Rupee and this should be used for all transactions in the country. Always carry small denominations as change is rarely available.

8. Food and Drink

Street food is quite common in India, but to be safe make sure you only eat food from vendors who have sanitary standards. Additionally, avoid tap water and stick to bottled water.

9. Bargaining

When shopping, bargaining is part of the experience. Keep in mind that the initial quoted price is usually higher than the actual price. So expect to haggle and enjoy the process.

10. Shopping Tips

  • Be mindful of the laws. Certain products such as antiques or items made from endangered animal parts may not be allowed to cross the border.
  • Check the quality. Since not all sellers are honest, inspect any items you buy and make sure you are satisfied with them.
  • Shop tax-free. At major airports, visitors can claim back a portion of the value-added tax.

India is an amazing place to visit and with the help of these tips you will have an incredible time exploring the country. Enjoy your journey and have an amazing time.

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