21+ Best Personal Item Bags For Travel

21+ Best Personal Item Bags For Travel

Traveling in style and comfort is essential to enjoying your trip, and one of the important items you should never forget to pack is a personal item bag. Here we have collected 21+ of the best personal item bags for travel that we consider must-haves for any traveler.

1. The Vintage Backpack

This vintage backpack is perfect for journeys that require minimal packing, it comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and has several pockets to store all your necessary items. Featuring multiple front pockets and a unique distressed look, this backpack is both stylish and functional.

2. The Weekender Bag

A stylish choice for a weekend getaway, this weekender bag is great for carrying all your essentials away in a chic and minimal package. With durable canvas construction and comfy padding on the handles, you can easily stow it away in your luggage or carry it by your side.

3. The Everyday Backpack

This everyday backpack comes with an abundance of features and is sure to become your favorite carry-on. Designed to make traveling easier, this bag features adjustable straps, several pockets, and a laptop pouch to keep your things organized.

4. The Convertible Duffel

An ideal bag for those flying on a plane, this convertible duffel bag has multiple carry options. You can carry it in-hand as a tote or on your back as a backpack, or you can even use the detachable shoulder strap for a hands-free experience.

5. The Compact Briefcase

This sleek and stylish briefcase is perfect for professionals on the move. Featuring plenty of room and pockets, this bag is the perfect size for a business trip, with enough space to store a laptop, tablet, and all your other necessary items.

6. The Classic Carry-On

The classic carry-on is perfect for those who want more freedom while they travel. This bag is roomy, has plenty of compartments to store your items, and a comfy shoulder strap to make it easy to haul around. Plus, it easily fits in the overhead bin for convenience.

7. The Mini Backpack

If you’re looking for a lightweight and cute backpack, then this mini backpack is the way to go. Not only is it convenient and stylish, it also comes with comfortable shoulder straps and an adjustable strap to fit any size.

8. The Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are great for those who are constantly on the go, and this stylish messenger bag is ideal for holding a laptop as well as all your necessary items. With multiple shoulder straps and pockets, you can easily access all your items while on the move.

9. The Sling Bag

This cross-body bag is perfect for a quick day trip, it will comfortably fit all the items you need to use while you’re out and the adjustable strap makes it versatile enough to fit any size.


These bags will make your life easier while you travel and leave you with plenty of room to store all your belongings while also looking stylish. Here are some of the best personal item bags for travel:

  • The Vintage Backpack
  • The Weekender Bag
  • The Everyday Backpack
  • The Convertible Duffel
  • The Compact Briefcase
  • The Classic Carry-On
  • The Mini Backpack
  • The Messenger Bag
  • The Sling Bag

No matter your style and needs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect personal item bag among these nine!

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