4 reasons to get the Apple Card

4 Reasons to Get the Apple Card

The Apple Card is a newly launched credit card teamed up with master card and Goldman Sachs. With a sleek design and incredibly security features, the Apple Card is a great choice for those looking to manage their finances. Here are the four main reasons that you should get the Apple Card:

1. Generous Cashback Rewards

The Apple Card offers generous reward returns for all purchases. You can get up to 3% for Apple purchases and 2% for purchases made using Apple Pay. Additionally, all other purchases will earn a 1% return. This is an excellent incentive for those who frequently use Apple products.

2. Low Interest Rates

The Apple Card has one of the lowest interest rates of any major credit card. The average APR is 13% and they offer a lovely 0 APR financing period of up to 12 months. This can help those who are looking to spread the cost of a larger purchase.

3. Total Security

The Apple Card is incredibly secure, since all payments are made through a secure connection. The card doesn’t store your personal information, so there is no risk of potential fraud or identity theft.

4. Easy Tax Filing

The Apple Card system can help you keep track of your financials, so filing taxes each year is a breeze. The card allows you to store receipts and categorize purchases, so you have an accurate record of your finances.


The Apple Card is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a secure and efficient way to manage their finances. The card offers generous cashback rewards, low interest rates, total security, and easy tax filing. With these unbeatable benefits, the Apple Card is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take control of their finances.

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