9 things you shouldn’t wear on an airplane

9 Things You Shouldn’t Wear On An Airplane

Whether it’s a quick business trip, a vacation to a far away land, or even a well deserved staycation, flying is part of life for many of us. Before you board your next airline, here are some items you should consider not wearing on an aircraft:

1. Stiletto Heels

High heels don’t mix well with airplanes. Not only is it uncomfortable to walk in them due to their design, but they can get caught in airplane seat fabric or carpeting, and can damage both those things as well. Plus, they take up too much space; keep it comfortable and wear flats instead.

2. Heavy/Bulky Jackets

Layering your clothing can be a great way to stay comfortable while on board and meeting challenging climate fluctuations, but heavy jackets are just not the answer. Bulky clothing can take up too much space, especially when stored in the overhead compartments, so resist the urge and leave it behind.

3. Snug Clothing

This goes for both men and women; think about how much space your clothing and accessories take up when you’re seated. Tight clothing can be difficult?and in some cases, impossible?to move around in. The bathroom can be a tight space, and if your clothing gets stuck, it can be uncomfortable and cause a scene. Opt for something loose fitting and comfortable instead.

4. Revealing Clothing

You’re on board an airplane that’s loaded with strangers, so revealing clothing is a no-no. Though you may feel confident in what you’re wearing, keep in mind that aircraft cabins are typically very tight, and you don’t want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. Instead, opt for appropriate clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in.

5. Anything Cut Off

Shorts and tank tops are great when you’re out and about and getting some sun, but they’re not such a great option when you’re on board an airplane. Not only can they be uncomfortable, they can be revealing if you’re seated near someone else.

6. Too Many Accessories

No one likes a show-off, especially when you’re on board a plane. Excessive accessories such as jewelry can be distracting, cause problems with other passengers, and ultimately, not be allowed on board.

7. Denim Everything

Head-to-toe denim is great for a day out, but not for a flight. Too much fabric and bulk can cause issues if you were to be seated near someone else, and it can be uncomfortable if it’s not the right fit. Leave your denim outfit at home and opt for something else.

8. Revealing Footwear

Open-toe or sling-back shoes could potentially cause problems on an airplane. Not only can they be difficult to walk in, they can also be too revealing if you’re seated near someone else.

9. Anything With a Heavy Scent

Heavy perfumes and colognes should be left at home or in the car. That kind of scent can be overwhelming on a plane, and could cause discomfort for other passengers.

To recap, here are a few things you should not wear on an airplane:

  • Stiletto heels
  • Heavy jackets
  • Snug clothing
  • Revealing clothing
  • Anything cut off
  • Too many accessories
  • Denim everything
  • Revealing footwear
  • Anything with a heavy scent

Keep these items in mind next time you are flying and you’ll be sure to have a pleasant and comfortable flight experience.

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