A family sailing holiday off Gibraltar with Rock Sailing – RYA Day Skipper Sail (Practical) Course

Sailing Holiday off Gibraltar with Rock Sailing – RYA Day Skipper Practical Course

Spoiling the Family with an Amazing Adventure

Would you like to spoil your family with an amazing sailing adventure while taking your RYA Day Skipper Practical course?

Rock Sailing offers family sailing holidays off the beautiful coast of Gibraltar that combines fun in the sun with learning and adventure.

What Does the Course Include

The RYA Day Skipper course includes:

  • Learning safety protocols as well as navigation, pilotage and passage planning
  • Navigation exercises both on-site and on sea
  • Cruising Techniques such as anchoring, man overboard etc
  • Fun and social evenings
  • Time for watersports snorkeling, swimming etc

Breath of Fresh Air

The sailing family holiday off Gibraltar takes place over a week and offers an amazing change of scenery with a fantastic breath of fresh air.

The mornings are spent learning and understanding the basics of sailing and the afternoons are yours to either relax, explore or take part in watersports.

Specialized and Professional

Participants have learned from Rock Sailing’s team of experienced and friendly instructors, who are professional and specialized to guarantee that your family recieve the best sailing experience.


Rock Sailing’s sailing family holiday off the coast of Gibraltar is the perfect combination of fun and learning. You, your family and friends can enjoy an enriching adventure, learning, exploring and watersports with the help of the experienced and friendly instructors.

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