Avoid these 10 mistakes when booking cruise shore excursions

Avoid 10 Mistakes when Booking Cruise Shore Excursions

Cruise shore excursions are a great opportunity to explore and discover a new destination, but without proper planning prior to the trip, these experiences can be ruined by avoidable mistakes. Listed below are 10 common mistakes to avoid when booking cruise shore excursions:

1. Not researching shore excursion reviews

Take the time to read reviews and ask fellow cruisers who have taken the excursion before you. This can provide an insight on their experience and provide helpful information that can’t be found in the official tour descriptions.

2. Booking too many shore excursions

Be mindful of the number of shore excursions you’re booking. Consider the time spent to and from each port, before over-committing yourself. You need to leave enough time to get back to ship, have a meal and spare time for rest.

3. Overspending

Do you really need to go on the most expensive shore excursions? Remember, shore excursions can be the most expensive component of the entire cruise — a costly extravagance if you overspend without doing your research first.

4. Not reading the fine print

Read the entire shore excursion description before booking. Do so carefully. This will help you make informed decisions about the tour and any potential dangers or restrictions that come with it.

5. Not having the right clothing

Check the clothing requirements and the weather of your preferred excursion location. Anything such as suncreen, water, and a jacket can save you from nasty surprises.

6. Not knowing what to bring

Even if the excursion doesn’t require a specific type of clothing, you should still be prepared. Bring a camera, water, and snacks, as they won’t be provided by the tour company.

7. Not having emergency contact info

In the unlikely event of an emergency or illness, it is important to have the necessary contact information for the tour company or the emergency services at your destination.

8. Not understanding the tour’s physical demands

A tour that involves hiking or biking up a mountain may sound adventurous, but it may not suit your physical condition. Read carefully about the physical demands of the tour before deciding to book it.

9. Not being able to understand the tour guide

Make sure that the tour guide speaks a language that you’re comfortable with and can understand. Book a tour with a guide that speaks your language so that you can experience the destination more deeply.

10. Wasting time

Time is a precious commodity on a cruise. Make sure to research the time spent on each part of the tour, including driving and waiting in lines. Don’t waste time on an excursion that can be done in the port.

Remember these 10 crucial points when planning your shore excursions, and you’ll be sure to have a safe and memorable experience on your next cruise.

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