Bangalore to Nandi Hills Road Trip

A Road Trip to Nandi Hills from Bangalore

A road trip to Nandi Hills from Bangalore is the perfect weekend getaway. It’s a quick, fun and easy ride, surrounded by stunning nature scenes & interesting historical sites along the way.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take a road trip to Nandi Hills from Bangalore:

1. Nature:

The drive from Bangalore to Nandi Hills is full of lush greens and serene nature. You can witness lush meadows, paddy fields, rolling hills and rivers on your way.

2. Historical Sites:

Along your journey you will be passing by many of Karnataka’s historical sites; Tipu Sultan’s fort, monolithic statues of Gomateshwara, the Devanahalli Fort, and near the summit of Nandi Hills there is an ancient temple.

3. Culinary Delights:

In the quaint villages and towns along the way, you will find traditional South Indian cuisine being cooked and served freshly.

4. Shopping Opportunities:

Be sure to bring extra cash when you go on the road trip pleasure, as there are some excellent traditional handicrafts and trinkets to purchase on your way.

5. Wildlife Sanctuary:

By taking a detour into the Bhimeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, you will not only be blessed with some stunning views, but also get to see some amazing wildlife.

So make sure you plan your next weekend getaway with a road trip to Nandi Hills from Bangalore.

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