Bara Imambara Lucknow – A Bhulbhulaiya to Explore

Bara Imambara—Lucknow: A Bhulbhulaiya to Explore

Lucknow’s architectural masterpiece, the Bara Imambara, is a must-see for every visitor. Built in 1784 by the fourth Nawab of Awad, Asaf-ud-Daula, this awesome structure is adorned with intricately decorated walls and Mughal architecture. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucknow.

What is a Bhulbhulaiya?

A Bhulbhulaiya or Labyrinth is a type of maze which consists of numerous entrances, exits, passages and floors. Its structure is so complex that it is almost impossible to find your way out without a guide.

The structure of the Bara Imambara is also a labyrinth. The whole structure comprises of four main parts: the main hall, the Asfi mosque, the bhulbhulaiya, and a stepwell.

The Main Hall

The main hall has 81 chambers, each one more grandiose than the last. Here, visitors can marvel at the elegant paintings, marble statues, and rare artifacts.

The Bhulbhulaiya

The most unique feature of this structure is the bhulbhulaiya. This structure is made up of an intricate network of 1500 interconnected passageways, with 2,000 doors, staircases, and balconies. It’s so confusing that you’ll definitely need a guide to get through it safely.

Exploring the Stepwell

In the complex, you will also find a well or stepwell. This stepwell is connected to the Bhulbhulaiya and is said to have provided water to the complex during the times of famine.

An Unforgettable Experience

Exploring the Bara Imambara is an unforgettable experience. From its vast halls to its numerous passageways, this structure will leave an indelible impression in your mind. So, if you ever visit Lucknow, make sure to plan a visit to the Bara Imambara and get lost in its amazing labyrinth!

Tips for Your Visit

  • Choose the right guide:it is important to get a reliable and knowledgeable guide who can show you around.
  • Carry enough water:as it can get really hot in the complex during summers, it is advisable to carry an adequate amount of water.
  • Arrive early:it is best to arrive at the complex early to avoid the summer heat and long waiting times.
  • Dress appropriately:it is important to dress appropriately as the complex is a holy site.

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