Best Hiking Trails in Orlando ✔️ 10 Adventures on a Budget

Best Hiking Trails in Orlando ✔️ 10 Adventures on a Budget

Are you looking for outdoor adventure without breaking the bank? Orlando offers some of the best and most affordable hikes around, so you can experience the great outdoors without having to pay too much. Here are our top 10 picks for hiking trails in Orlando on a budget:

1. Lake Underhill Park

This lovely lake-side park offers a great view of the Orlando skyline and is an enjoyable 3-mile hike. You’ll find plenty of birds and fish in the lake, as well as plenty of wildflowers in bloom.

2. Rollins College Loop

This hidden gem of a trail is only known by locals. It offers a tranquil 4-mile hike that you can complete in just 2 hours. You’ll get to see some of the buildings at Rollins College and take in wonderful views of the lake.

3. Scenic Big Tree Park

This quaint park is home to the world’s largest bald cypress tree, as well as a 2.3-mile loop trail. You can take in the views of the lake and explore many different native plants and animals.

4. Fort Gatlin Park

This historic park is home to the ruins of Fort Gatlin, a Civil War-era fort. You can explore the ruins along a 5-mile loop trail, as well as take in views of large oak trees, wildflower meadows, and wetland areas.

5. The Nature Conservancy Trail

This is part of the 9-mile Wekiwa Springs State Park, and it offers a 5-mile loop with views of the meadows, creeks, and wetlands. There’s also a butterfly house, wildlife observation deck, and an interpretive center for those that want to learn more about the area’s wildlife.

6. Moss Park

This park is home to some of Orlando’s most beautiful wildflowers, as well as its 4.5-mile loop trail. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of birds, including eagles and ospreys.

7. Ed Yarborough Nature Center

This 4-mile trail offers views of the nearby lake, as well as of the Ed Yarborough Nature Center. You can take in the sights of the trees and of the native birds and animals that call the center their home.

8. East Lake Conservation Park

This is one of the few hiking trails in the area that is completely free. You can explore the 2.5-mile loop trail and enjoy views of the lake, wetlands, and cypress trees.

9. Boreal Sinkhole Trail

This unique trail is only 1.5 miles long, but it offers a unique view of the Cypress trees and a sinkhole. You can also take in views of the lake and explore the many wildflowers in bloom.

10. Lawton Ranch Loop

This trail features several different ecosystems, including scrub, sand pines, and wetlands. Here you can take in views of the green-blue moss and the Rollins Lake. This trail is 3 miles long and is one of the easier and more accessible trails in the area.

These excellent hiking trails all offer something special, whether it be views of the lake or the chance to explore nature. No matter what type of outdoor adventure you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Orlando on one of these budget-friendly trails.

Happy hiking!