Best Road Trips from Dubai

Road Trip From Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city and a great place to start a road trip. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, road trips from Dubai provide an awesome opportunity to explore the scenic landscape and vibrant culture. Here are some of the best road trips from Dubai:

Al Ain City

Al Ain City is the second-largest city in the UAE and is just 135 km from Dubai. It’s a great spot to explore the UAE’s culture and history, with many tourist attractions like Jebel Hafeet, the Green Mubazzara, and the Al Ain National Museum. Take the road trip to Al Ain City through the desert and experience the visual feast of wild camels roaming the area and great Dubai valley views.

Even Mountain Safari

Head to the Hatta Mountain Safari, located just outside of Dubai, to enjoy beautiful desert landscapes and stunning rocky landscapes. Drive through the winding mountain pass and soak up the beautiful scenery. The safari takes about two hours and offers a great chance to explore Hadtha Oasis (also known as Hatta Village), which features traditional villages and colorful markets.

Ras Al Khaimah

Take a road trip to Ras Al Khaimah, located just one hour from Dubai. This beautiful coastal city has plenty of attractions such as the Palm Islands and the popular Khatt Springs. After exploring its beaches, take a drive through the scenic Khor Kalba Mountains. Enjoy the stunning ocean views and feel the warm desert breeze.


Sharjah is just 30 minutes away from Dubai and it’s a great road trip destination. Take in Sharjah’s rich culture and its picturesque sights, with attractions like the Flag Island, blue souks, bustling markets, and the Blue Souk. End your trip with a visit to the Ajman Beach, a beautiful beach that offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf.


Fujairah is only two hours away from Dubai and offers a scenic escape. Fujairah is home to some of the UAE’s best beaches and is a premier destination for windsurfing and beach activities. Explore the city’s historical sites such as the 16th century Fujairah fort and the Al Bidyah Mosque. Fujairah is also popular for its vibrant nightlife, offering great bars and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, home to the famous Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is just two hours from Dubai. Visit the iconic mosque, check out the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Village, the Abu Dhabi Corniche and the awe-inspiring Emirates Palace. Abu Dhabi is a perfect place to explore unique architecture, vibrant culture and stunning scenery.


These are some of the best road trips from Dubai that offer a eye-catching views and countless exciting experiences. Exploring the UAE’s diverse and stunning landscape is a great way to experience the culture and tradition of the country. So, grab a few friends, pack your bags, and hit the road!

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