Best Ways to Beat Long Lines at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Best Ways to Beat Long Lines at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World, you won’t want to miss out on the fun and adventurous Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Unfortunately, this ride is notoriously known for having long lines, sometimes lasting up to 2-3 hours. But no worries; here are the top five tips for beating those long lines at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and still having an amazing time:

1. Reserve a FastPass+

The only surefire way to avoid long lines at any ride is to get a FastPass+. Make sure to book your FastPass+ in advance, as these passes fill up quickly and give you a reserved time to ride.

2. Come Early or Late

If you’d rather not get a FastPass+, another great way to beat the lines is to come early or late in the day. The earlier you go to the Mine Train, the less people there will be and the shorter the lines. Or if you’d like to stay later, most people will generally leave the park earlier, which will reduce line wait times too.

3. Ride Single Rider Lines

If you don’t have a group of people with you, then you can always ride the single rider line. This line often moves quicker than the regular line, and it also gives you the chance to meet different people if you’d like a social experience.

4. Check the My Disney App for Updates

The My Disney App is one of the best tools for staying up to date on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train line wait times. You can even see which rides are closed and which ones are moving slower than normal, allowing you to make the most of your time in the park.

5. Don’t Waste Time

If you want to maximize your time, you should be wary of spending too much time on activities outside of the Mine Train line. If you play a lot of games, watch shows or eat too slowly, you might miss out on the ride altogether.

In Summary

Waiting in long lines is no fun, but with these simple tips, you can beat the lines at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and still have a great time. Get a FastPass+, come early or late, take the single rider line, check the My Disney App for updates, and don’t waste time – and you’ll be on the Mine Train in no time!

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