Better in Winter: Waxing and basic slide care

Better in Winter: Waxing and Basic Slide Care

Wintertime brings with it a unique set of challenges for skiers and snowboarders, and waxing and basic slide care should not be overlooked. The cold temperatures and snow that accompany winter can be harsh on gear, leading to poor performance and even safety issues. Here are a few tips to help ensure your equipment is functioning correctly in the coldest of conditions.

1. Wax and Re-Wax Regularly

The type and amount of wax used in winter weather skiing and snowboarding is vastly different from that of summer time. In general, the colder the weather, the harder the wax needs to be to prevent ice buildup on the slide surface. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and indicate the waxing temperature and/or brand/type. Additionally, many skiers and snowboarders opt to re-wax every few days to maintain a clean, hard surface.

2. Edge Tuning and Sharpening

Sharp edges are crucial in winter when the margins between slipping or sliding down the mountain are smaller. Edging your skis or board on a regular basis can help to increase your grip on icy surfaces, and reduce the likelihood of dangerous conditions. Be sure to check your edges each time you wax and sharpen as needed.

3. Preservation of Equipment

Winter also brings extra wear and tear on equipment. Be sure to use a good ski and/or snowboard protective wax or coating to prevent the metal from oxidizing from the constant salt and other environmental conditions. Additionally, after each ride it is important to dry off any excess moisture and frost that may be present on the gear.

4. Maintenance and Storage

Proper storage of skiing and snowboarding equipment is key in winter. Most modern ski and snowboard equipment will come with a manufacturer protective bag. These bags are specially designed to keep water, dirt, and dust off of your gear while transportation between different climates or other extended periods of storage.

By following these simple care suggestions, your skis and snowboards should be in perfect condition every time you hit the slopes. Wax and re-wax regularly, keep edges sharp, protect the equipment, and take care when storing for long periods of time. A little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring optimal performance and safety this winter.

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