Bob Iger Discusses Disney Parks Pricing, Accessibility & Future Plans

Bob Iger Discusses Disney Parks Pricing, Accessibility & Future Plans

Bob Iger, Disney’s chairman and CEO, took some time to discuss Disney’s pricing strategy for its various parks, as well as its focus on accessibility and future plans. He recently stated that “These are not just theme parks, they’re true entertainment destinations, and the pricing needs to reflect that.”

Pricing Strategy

Disney has taken a multi-faceted approach to its pricing. It recently announced that it would be introducing tiered pricing, with different prices for different days. For example, prices may be lower on weekdays than on weekends. This allows guests to pay less for visiting on days when the park is not as busy.

The company is also looking at various loyalty programs to reward guests who visit often and give them access to discounts and exclusive offers.


Disney is committed to providing a great experience for all guests, regardless of their abilities or needs. In recent years, Disney has taken steps to make its parks more accessible. It has revamped its wheelchair rental system and introduced new services, such as personal assistants, to help guests with disabilities.

The company has also implemented new policies to ensure that all its parks are appropriately equipped with the right safety and accessibility features.

Future Plans

Bob Iger has also outlined some of Disney’s plans for the future. The company plans to continue investing in its parks, focusing on attractions and entertainment to bring in more guests.

It is also looking at ways to use technology to improve the guest experience by making it easier to navigate, book tickets and make payments. Disney is also investing in new technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, to create more immersive experiences for guests.

Overall, Bob Iger is confident that Disney’s parks are well-positioned for success in the future, thanks to its focus on pricing, accessibility and continued investment in new technologies.

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