Delta adds Hertz status for all Medallion elites, revamps earning structure for rentals

Delta Air Lines Launches Partnership with Hertz

Delta Air Lines has announced a collaboration with rental car company, Hertz, that will give all Delta Medallion members access to exclusive discounts and benefits with Hertz. The new program will allow Medallion elites to earn Delta SkyMiles with their Hertz rentals and receive superior customer service, beginning immediately.

Increased Benefits For All Levels

The new partnership will give Delta Medallion elites improved customer service with their Hertz rentals, regardless of the level of Medallion. This includes upgrades to a higher tier Hertz car, complimentary refueling, and discounts on car rental rates that cannot be found anywhere else. While the extent of benefits will vary by level of Medallion earned, all Delta Medallion elites will be reaping the rewards.

Revamped Earning Structure

Delta and Hertz have also reworked the earning system for SkyMiles. All Medallion elites will have the opportunity to earn SkyMiles when they book through Hertz, regardless of their Medallion status, and SkyMiles will be awarded on all rentals. Additionally, each higher level of Medallion will earn an increasing amount of SkyMiles for their Hertz bookings, up to 5,000 miles for top tier Delta Diamond Medallion members.

More Perks To Come

Delta and Hertz have announced even more perks to come with their new partnership, with the promise that each higher tier of Medallion will receive additional discounts and Hertz will be offering additional/ customized benefits. As an example, Delta Platinum Medallion members will receive a complimentary upgrade on every Hertz Gold reservation.

Overview of Benefits

  • All Delta Medallion members benefit from exclusive discounts, complimentary refueling, and upgraded car rental tiers.
  • SkyMiles awarded for each rental, the amount varying by Medallion tier.
  • Platinum Medallion members receive a complimentary upgrade on every Hertz Gold reservation.
  • Additional/ customized benefits to come as the partnership develops.

Delta and Hertz have long been partners, and this new arrangement further cements their relationship while giving Medallion members more unprecedented benefits. With the new program in place, the perks of Delta Medallion elite status just grew even bigger and sweeter.