Don’t Let The Elements Ruin Your RV: Invest In A Motorhome Cover

Your RV is probably a significant investment that brings peace, pleasure, entertainment, and vacation vibes. But it needs storage for the off-season. Some RV owners are tempted to take the cheapest route, i.e., cover it with fabric, only to realize later that it would have been worth it if they had proper RV storage. Here, we will discuss one of the options to protect RV with metal motorhome covers.

But What If…Do you Leave Your RV Open?

First, it will be exposed to all external damages such as:

  1. Rain directly pouring onto the RV’s roof might cause the roof rail to rust.
  2. Vents and skylights may get scratches and cracks due to falling hail.
  3. Snow built up will eventually scrap the outermost paint of your motorhome.
  4. Summer heat and intense UV lights will fade and damage the paint’s coating.
  5. Children playing around the neighborhood may smash their baseball or soccer ball into your RV’s glass window, sunroof, or windshield.
  6. Someone might accidentally knock off your motorhome side mirror, tail light, or headlight.
  7. Your vehicle will be exposed to dust, debris, pests, and insects, taking sheltering in & on it.

All this will lead to expensive repairs and replacements. So, it is better to give your RV some care and shelter when not in use.

Hmm, But What About Tarps Or Fabric Covers?

While fabric covers are better than no cover, they still do not safeguard your motorhome from most of the damage. A breathable fabric is good for keeping moisture and protecting from dust and UV rays, but it still does not provide 360° protection from the elements. For instance,

  1. Fabric covers (or similar items) can’t protect your RV parts from denting due to external reasons like kids playing around in the neighborhood, hails, heavy debris airborne with wind, or a car in a hurry that knocks off your side mirror.
  2. Any dust particle caught in between the fabric cover and RV paint will rub against its surface, resulting in scratches.
  3. Snow buildup on the roof will still affect your motorhome and may dent it due to heavy load. It will encourage moisture formation inside, along with molds and mildew.

Perks Of Investing In Metal RV Covers

First, you must know you have two options: steel RV carports and an RV metal garage. Of course, a metal carport will cost less than a garage. A carport is an open structure (from at least two sides), whereas a garage offers more flexibility in terms of multiple uses.

Each of them is better than a fabric cover or leaving your motorhome out at the mercy of natural forces. So, let’s get onto the perks of steel RV covers.

1. Sturdy & Durable

One of the advantages of steel RV carports is that they hold onto their structural integrity over time. Steel does not absorb moisture content from air or water. Hence, they neither rot, decay, nor twist, bend, or shrink.

For this reason, metal RV carports are the most durable and robust structures. Compared to wood, that’s a straight win as it doesn’t matter how good quality timber you buy; they are organic and, thus, destined to decay with time.

2. Customizable

Metal buildings are extremely versatile structures and can be used in more than one way. If you are wondering how to use an RV steel garage, have a look at some of the ideas below:

Applications of RV metal garage:

  • Storage unit
  • Recreational activities
  • Guest house
  • Personal gym
  • Home office
  • Guest house
  • Personal gym
  • Art studio

Applications of steel RV carports:

  • Covered patio
  • Outdoor sitting area
  • BBQ lunch area
  • Events venue
  • Greenhouse

Other than multi-functional uses of steel garage or carport, you can customize it according to your lot’s size and needs. For instance,

  1. Length can be as long as you wish.
  2. The width can be clear and span up to 300 ft. or up to 600 ft.
  3. Height can be up to 40 ft.
  4. You can opt for gravel, asphalt, concrete slab, or pier-based foundation.
  5. Interior and exterior colors are customizable, too.
  6. The industry standard is 14-gauge steel frame/post and 26-gauge panels, but you can change this as well.

3. Convenience

You don’t need to remove and put back the cover every time you want to access the RV. Metal RV covers make it easy for you to take your RV in and out. In addition, it saves money from unnecessary expenses of RV repair and replacement.

Moreover, steel RV carports are easy to maintain. You can clean them with water, a garden hose with a nozzle, a cloth, and some mild detergent. That’s it. Overall, it gives you convenience and free time to pursue other activities.

4. Long Lasting

If you are looking for an affordable solution, get metal RV covers for sale. They will last long as they protect your beloved motorhome from rain, hail, and damaging UV lights.

Metal structures can be certified and designed by professional engineers to withstand up to 170 miles per hour of wind speed, up to 40 pounds per sq. ft. of snow load, and quickly slide away all dust, debris, and rainwater.

5. Say Good Bye To Pests

Steel RV covers do not attract termites to their frame and leg posts. Where wooden carport can’t be constructed without trusses, which provide birds and others to rest & nest, a steel carport can be designed without a truss.

Metal panels are dense, thick, and hard to chew through to enter inside and infect stored items. This keeps rodents like rats and mice at bay.

They add value to your home. Did you know that RV metal garages can increase your property value up to 11 to 13%? Let metal do the hard work for you while you sit and enjoy that last sip of coffee watching the sunset.

End Your Struggles Today With Metal Covers For RV

The best part of it is that you can get metal RV covers for sale across various metal dealers’ websites and social media handles. So, a smart move would be to keep an eye on it. Conversely, you can call and talk to them directly. If you have any luck, you might just end up with the best RV metal garage deal for yourself.

Steel buildings are durable, last longer, and require extremely low maintenance to survive than traditional wooden garages. What’s more, they are more secure and hard to break into. So you won’t regret the deal.

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