DOOARS – The Land of Tusks, Horns and Green Forests

Dooars – The Land Of Tusks, Horns And Green Forests

Dooars is a beautiful and burgeoning land situated in the Eastern part of India. With lush green forests, deep river valleys full of wildlife, vibrant cultures, and very diverse topography, this is truly a land of exploration for nature and wildlife lovers!

A Rich Storehouse Of Natural Beauty

Dooars can easily be described as the land of tusks, horns and green forests. Spread over an area of 8,000 sq. km, this region has always been the centre of a great variety of animal species, along with rich vegetation and diverse cultures.

This land of natural beauty has a lush green forest every where, with some of India’s most unique and exotic wildlife including the Greylag, wild boar and the one-horned rhinoceros.

Ideal For Adventure Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for adventure and the thrill of exploring nature, then the Dooars region is ideal. With river sports such as white water Rsfting, camping in dense forests, trekking and mountain biking, it’s a great place for adventurers to explore.

An Abode Of Culture

Dooars is also an abode of culture as well as nature. Here, you’ll find many ethnic communities like the Bhotias and the Lepchas, who inhabit the region and are involved in traditional livelihoods such as weaving, farming, and the production of local goods such as oranges, turmeric and tea.

Must-Visit Places

If you’re visiting Dooars, some of the must-visit places include the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the Neora National Park, the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gorumara National Park.

A Truly Magical Destination

Dooars is a truly magical and mystical land, full of vibrant cultures, lush green forests, and abundant wildlife. If you’re looking to explore and experience the beauty of nature, then this is a destination you must visit!

Things To Keep In Mind

Here are few things to keep in mind when you’re visiting Dooars:

  • Do research: Before you head to Dooars, make sure you read up on the places to visit and understand the local culture and customs.
  • Stay safe: Follow the rules and regulations of the sanctuaries and national parks, as well as stay away from areas that are prohibited.
  • Be respectful: When visiting local communities, always be respectful of their culture.
  • Protect nature: Make sure you do your part in protecting the beauty of nature by not littering and doing your best to conserve the environment for future generations.

Explore Nature’s Splendour In Dooars!

Visit the enchanting land of Dooars and explore the wonders of nature and its inhabitants. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to take in the sights and sounds of the area, make sure you put Dooars on your list of places to visit!

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