Durgotsav in Kolkata – A Celebration During Durga Puja

Durgotsav in Kolkata – A Celebration During Durga Puja

Durgotsav or Durga Puja is the most celebrated festivity in Kolkata during the fall season. This annual event is a time for people of all religious backgrounds to come together in celebration and dedication to Goddess Durga. It is an occasion of grandeur, splendor, culture and entertainment.


During Durgotsav in Kolkata, people can be seen visiting ceremonial pandals, body painting, religious processions and enjoying many cultural events. The festival brings the city alive with chanting of its ‘Dhakis’, folk songs and traditional dances.

Highlights of the Festive Season

  • Traditional Puja: People offer prayers to the Goddess inside the pandals
  • Traditional Food: Enjoy savoring pre-selected traditional sweet dishes and snacks
  • Regional Celebrations: Take part in regional celebrations of the festival such as Kamaphulla, Dhunuchi Naach, Kumari Puja and more
  • Cultural Events: Enjoy performances from renowned singers and discover the diverse culture of Kolkata
  • Grand Final: The event culminates in the grand finale with fireworks and loud cheers!

The Durgotsav in Kolkata is a time to reflect upon the many wonders of culture and be part of a grand celebration. It is also a great time to discover the rich heritage of this vibrant city.

So if you’re looking for a truly memorable experience, come and join in the festivities this season and be a part of the Durga Puja revelry!

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