EPCOT Overhaul News: CommuniCore Construction Continues Crawl to Completion

EPCOT Overhaul News: CommuniCore Construction Continues Crawl to Completion

Disney World’s futuristic park, Epcot, is undergoing a major overhaul as its construction continues. The themes behind the park’s attractions are being reimagined and brought back to life, and one of the projects being worked on is the CommuniCore area.

What is CommuniCore?

CommuniCore was the former United State’s pavilion at Epcot, which opened in the early 1980s. Since then, the pavilion has gone through several changes and has now been transformed into a showcase for new technology, science, and innovation.

What’s Been Happening?

Work on the CommuniCore overhaul has been ongoing for over a year now. The area has undergone a complete renovation and its new attractions and features are slowly being revealed.

What Guests Can Expect from the New CommuniCore

When it opens, the new CommuniCore will be the perfect place to explore and learn about new technology, innovation, and science. It will include:

  • Innovation Labs: Guests will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with the latest technology
  • Interactive Experiences: Guests will be able to become part of the story, interacting with virtual and physical elements of the attractions
  • Expert Talks: Informative and immersive talks will be held by industry experts on topics related to sustainable living, renewable energy, robotics, and more
  • 4D Movie Showings: 4D technology will bring an extra level of interactivity to movie showings

When Will CommuniCore Open?

The new CommuniCore is set to open in late 2021 and will be the perfect place to experience new technology and science, as well as to get informed about these topics through expert talks. In the meantime, guests can enjoy all that Epcot has to offer and look forward to exploring the wonders of the new CommuniCore.

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