EU Forecasts a Turning Point of International Tourism in 2023

The European Union has released its latest data regarding the tourism industry revealing that international travel is expected to resume to pre-pandemic levels by 2023.

Reasons for EU Projection

The re-opening of national borders, increased confidence in travel, and the deployment of successful vaccine programmes in the most popular world-wide holiday destinations are among the main reasons that led the EU to expect an international tourism turning point.

International Mobility Trends in 2021

The loss of freedom of movement as a result of the temporary closed boundaries has shifted vacationers’ preferences. For 2021, domestic and regional travelling are the options of choice.

Inflows from international markets to the EU have declined significantly between January and October 2020 compared to 2019, however, despite the adversities the region managed to remain attractive for tourists.

Advantages of Domestic Travel

The pandemic has unlocked a trove of fantastic holiday spots near home. Staying abroad can be much more budget-friendly than visiting long-haul destinations, as well as opening up a number of leisure and food options no longer significantly affected by the shifting travel regulations.

Moreover, travellers are relying on their home countries to develop the response to the pandemic, which is likely to create a greater appreciation for the beauty of the local landscapes and cultures.

Key Considerations for Visitors

In order to secure smooth travel journeys, visitors must make sure to:

  • Comply with all Covid-19 guidelines such as temperature check requirements, travel-related restrictions and social distancing norms.
  • Check confidence levels in their destination of choice before booking a trip.
  • Seek out financial assurance options such as deposit protections, flexible booking or insurance policies.
  • Don’t disrupt the host communities by excessively consuming local resources or increasing pollution levels.

The latest figures and projections from the EU have proved that the international tourism sector will no doubt be experiencing a turning point after the current turmoil, with positive ripples that are expected to reach far beyond the holiday destination.

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