Food & Drink Menu for Energy Bytes Dining Spot at TRON Lightcycle Run

Food & Drink Menu for Energy Bytes Dining Spot at TRON Lightcycle Run


  • Radius Noodles – tron-infused broth with citrus and animege puffs
  • Sensor Sushi – a selection of hand-rolled sushi with sun-kissed fillings
  • Light Bites Platter – Array of tempting treats specially crafted for TRON Lightcycle Run
  • Chip ‘n’ Dip – temptation from the chip world with dip sidekicks
  • Buzz’s Bitter Brew – extra tron-infused beer


  • Source Kebab – chargrilled kebab topped with a light beam juice
  • Recognizer Wrap – classic wrap with a choice of electron stuffing
  • Tron Burger – veggie patty topped with tron-infused mayo and lettuce
  • First Bit Steak – 12-oz steak grilled to perfection and served on a light-up platter
  • Derezzed Delight – an electrifyingly fruity dessert served with a side of vanilla cream


  • Identification Meade – a classic meade drink infused with tron-tinis
  • Flow’s Fizzy Mix – a citrusy mix of tron-infused soda and energy bytes
  • User Elixir – a selection of elixirs to invigorate the senses
  • Light Speck Shake – a creamy milkshake with swirls of tron-infused flavor
  • Gateway Cocktail – an exotic mix with a powerful tron kick

Feel the power of the TRON Lightcycle Run with the Energy Bytes Dining Spot, offering tasty treats, tantalizing starters and refreshing drinks. Each of the menu items is infused with tron-tinis to give it that extra bit of electricity. Best of all they are all crafted with carefully selected ingredients to make sure your energy stays within the boundaries set by the TRON Lightcycle Run.

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