“Free” On-Ride Photos Coming to Genie+ at Disney World in March 2023!

Disney World Now Offering “Free” On-Ride Photos

Disney World is now offering free on-ride photos for guests beginning March 2023. This great new feature is part of the Genie+ program and is sure to provide an extra bit of enjoyment to theme park guests of all ages.

What the Feature Includes

The “free” on-ride photos will include a variety of options:

  • Photo prints
  • Digital photo downloads
  • Memory maker collections of all on-ride photos

How to Use the Feature

To use the on-ride photo feature, guests will need to have an active Genie+ account and a linked Disney World ticket. After entering the queue for their desired attraction, guests can activate the feature and their photo will be taken as they reach the appropriate point in the ride.

Once their ride is over, the photo will be saved for up to 30 days. To access the photo, guests will need to use their Genie+ app or website where they can view and download the image.

More from Genie+

In addition to on-ride photos, Genie+ also offers a variety of other features to enhance the Disney World experience.

  • Digital Galley Pass: Guests can create an animated photo collage of favorite character and ride photos.
  • My Disney Friends (MDF): MDF allows users to search for and add friends to their network, even if they are in a different park.
  • Product Delivery: Guests can purchase and have select merchandise delivered directly to their hotel room.


The new “free” on-ride photo feature is sure to be a hit with Disney World guests, giving them a way to capture and remember their fun-filled day at the park. With other features such as digital gallery pass, MDF and product delivery, Genie+ is a great way to make the most out of a Disney World trip.

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