French Airports Report Strong But Uneven Recovery

The French aviation industry reported a strong but uneven recovery in 2020 following months of travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Airports see an increase in traffic

The French airports saw an increase in passenger traffic in the second half of last year. The total number of passenger traffic at the airports grew by 1.9%, with an increase of 3.2 million passengers compared to June 2020.

Impact of Low-Cost Carriers

The growth in passenger traffic was largely attributed to the increase in low-cost carriers operating in the French market. Low-cost carriers now account for more than half of all passenger traffic at French airports.

Increase in International Flights

The increase in passenger traffic was mainly due to the growth in international flights. International flights accounted for 70% of the total passenger traffic in 2020, up from 64% in 2019. This demonstrates the strong demand for international travel despite the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Recovery Not Evenly Distributed

However, the recovery in passenger traffic was not evenly distributed across all French airports. Some airports, such as Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, saw increases of 3.2% in passenger traffic, while smaller regional airports saw a decrease in traffic of 7%.

Strong Recovery Expected In 2021

Overall, the French aviation industry is expected to continue to experience a strong recovery this year. Airlines are expecting a demand for travel to slowly return as people are gradually allowed to travel again.


The French aviation industry saw a strong recovery in 2020 despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. While the recovery was not evenly distributed across all airports, the overall trend was positive. With the expected relaxation of travel restrictions in 2021, the industry is expected to continue to grow.