Hologram Walt at Disney100 Exhibition

Disney 100 Exhibition

Disney 100 Exhibition is currently one of the most popular activities among Disney fans. This event celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, honoring the legacy and accomplishments of innovator, Walt Disney.

Special Attraction – Hologram Walt

The special attraction at the exhibition is a lifelike hologram of Walt Disney himself! It is powered by cutting-edge technology, which uses a combination of camera techniques, visual effects, CGI and deep learning algorithms, to create a life-sized projection of the iconic founder of Disney.

The hologram is incredibly realistic, and allows visitors to interact with him in an amazing way. The hologram responds to your voice, and is capable of holding conversations, telling jokes and even playing music.

Visitors have reported feeling like they were actually in the presence of the great Walt Disney, and this guest experience is truly one of a kind.

Exhibition Features

The Disney 100 Exhibition also has many other exciting features, such as an interactive museum of artifacts from the Disney Parks and movies, a stunning virtual reality experience, and a captivating video presentation of the history of the Walt Disney Company.

The event also features a dazzling light show and a showcase of the latest Disney technologies, such as 3D printing and robotics.

Other Activities

Disney 100 Exhibition also offers a wide range of interactive activities and entertainment, such as:

  • Photoshoots with iconic Disney characters
  • Live performances by Disney bands and singers
  • Interactive games and competitions
  • Retail shops and food courts
  • Exclusive merchandise and giveaways

The Disney 100 Exhibition is truly a must-see experience for all Disney fans, and is definitely a trip you will never forget.

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