Hotel Technological Trends – Towards Comfort of the Guests

Hotel industry is one of the competitive and dynamic fields around the world. This industry nowadays goes through serious changes and adopts modern technologies at an impressive rate. In this way, hotels are able to make sure of a higher service quality. This article will focus on the current technology trends in the hotel industry that make guests more comfortable.

Enhancing the Hotel Experience

  • Smartphone App: Mobile technology plays a major role in the current hotel industry. Hotels now uses apps for customers to reserve rooms and bookings at their hotels. This not only gives convenience and ease to the customers but also enable hotels to track customers and offer lucrative services.
  • Online Check-In: Hotels are now offering the hassle-free experience of check-ins using tablets and mobile devices. Guests can fill out their details over the device and then proceed to the security check-in process without worrying about paperwork.
  • In-Room Automation: Some of the high-end hotels are now providing smart rooms by installing automation systems such as voice-controlled air conditioning, curtains and lighting systems. This enables guests to experience a comfortable stay during their time at the hotel.
  • Smart Concierge Services: Most of the 5 star hotels now offer the service of smart concierge. This includes the use of virtual assistant apps and gadgets such as Amazon’s Alexa. Using these services, customers can ask for anything from concierge services to room-related inquiries.
  • Robot Valets: Hotels are also making use of humanoid robots for providing valet services. These robots are programmed to deliver luggage to and from guest rooms. This is a convenient service that provides comfort and ease to the guests.


The hotel industry is embracing technological advancements and pioneers of this technology are reaping numerous advantages. The use of these technologies is helping hotels in providing guests with an enhanced experience of convenience and comfort during their time at the hotel.

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