Hotels in Austria Hope For February

Austrian hotels are hoping for the best possible recovery after months of suffering due to the pandemic. The main target is February 2021, when summer vacationers along with winter sports skiers come to the country, and with them a possible financial lift for the struggling hotels.

Extensive Hygiene Measures

In order to make sure all visitors are safe, the hotels are putting in place rigorous hygiene measures, such as:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of the entire hotel complex
  • Cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel
  • Health checks at reception for all visitors
  • Limiting of the number of guests in the public areas of the hotel

Environmental Friendly Practices

In addition, many Austrian hotels are turning to more eco-friendly practices such as:

  • Redesign of rooms to include energy-efficient appliances
  • Replacement of single-use materials with reusable items
  • Reduced water consumption with low flow showerheads
  • Use of zero-energy lighting systems
  • Compost initiatives for organic waste

Reaching Out to Guests

In order to entice travelers to come to Austria this upcoming ski season, many hotels are beginning promotional campaigns. These campaigns offer guests discounted stays, free upgrades and other rewards. In addition, some hotels are offering online booking deals so customers know they are getting the best available rate.

By combining these measures, Austrian hotels are showing to their guests that they are committed to their safety and to their satisfaction. As the country prepares for a possible influx of tourists come February, Austrian hotels are ready and eagerly awaiting a successful ski season.

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