How I’ve Kept Traveling the World After Having My Baby

Reaffirming my commitment to being a World Traveller

I have always been a big believer in travelling the world and experiencing new cultures while having a break away from the regular grind of work and daily life. I made a commitment to myself early on that I would to continue travelling even after having my baby. With some flexibility and creativity, I have kept this commitment and here are the ways how I am doing it.

1. Travel with the baby

This may sound daunting, but it’s really not if you plan your trips carefully. We make sure that wherever we’re going has enough activities suitable for kids. We also scout out some child friendly attractions ahead of time and make sure we’re well prepared. To ease the planning, I always book my accommodation ahead of time and I make sure to choose places that can accommodate a family.

2. Take short trips

If I can’t take my baby with me due to other commitments, I try to take short trips either to a different city or for a small weekend getaway. Whenever possible, try to select a destination close enough that allows you to explore transportation options other than planes such as trains.

3. A break from the baby

I know it may sound strange, but we often arrange for my baby to stay with family while I take a quick break a couple of hours away. This is not too far and allows me to come back to them periodically during my travels. It also allows us to have something to look forward to and plan for and helps keep our relationship alive and healthy.

4. Have a travel buddy

I make sure that I’m never travelling alone. I always have a travel buddy I can rely on. Not only is it more fun to have someone to explore with, but it’s also an extra security, in case something happens on the road.


Even with a baby in tow, travelling the world remains a possibility. With some flexibility, creativity, planning and the them knowing being away from them does not mean love is lost, it is possible to be a world traveler and a parent at the same time.


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