Inside Disney World’s New Toy Story Restaurant

Disney World’s New Toy Story Restaurant is Out of This World!

Disney has just opened a new restaurant featuring some of the most beloved characters from the Toy Story franchise. Guests of all ages are in for a treat when they visit this incredible eatery!

What Does it Offer?

This new restaurant has all your favorite dishes and then some. Guests can enjoy a selection of Woody’s Burgers and Buzz’s Zero-G Fried Chicken, as well as other delicious items such as Pizza Planet Italian Tacos, Bo Peep Nachos, and even Alien Macarons!

The Decoration is Incredible

The decor and atmosphere of this place are simply out of this world. Not only will guests be surrounded by all their favorite characters, but they will also be able to admire an impressive 150-foot wall mural of the entire gang!

Interactive Elements

This eatery also offers some interactive elements that will let guests truly immerse themselves in the Toy Story universe. These include:

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster Game: Step inside the table top game and shoot aliens to earn points!
  • Green Army Men Parade: Every hour, a marching band of Green Army Men will parade around the restaurant!
  • Digitally Enhanced Ceiling: Enjoy special lighting and music created mainly for this dreamy atmosphere.

The Perfect Way to Celebrate

This new restaurant is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, a special occasion or just an ordinary day with family and friends. No matter the reason, guests are guaranteed to have a blast while they enjoy delicious dishes and get to experience the Toy Story universe in real life!

Visit Disney World and experience this restaurant for yourself – you won’t regret it!

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