Latest Farmtrac Tractor Price and features 2024 – Tractorgyan

Farmtrac Tractor is only available in India. Farmtrac Tractor is India’s most well-known and trusted brand. Its price is determined by the Indian farmer’s budget. Farmtrac manufactures high-quality tractors while keeping farmers’ daily tasks in mind. Farmtrac tractors are lightweight, distinctive, and affordable, with a well-known brand.


The Farmtrac tractor price ranges between Rs. 5.65 – Rs. 9.60 Lakh*. The Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx, Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx t20, Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx are the most well-liked Farmtrac tractor models. Farmtrac tractor models are only available in Poland and India.

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