Low-cost awards to Europe: This month’s Flying Blue Promo Rewards

Taking Advantage Of Low Cost Awards To Europe: This Month’s Flying Blue Promo Rewards

Are you dreaming of an affordable trip to Europe? If so, you’re in luck – this month, Flying Blue Promo Rewards is offering low cost awards that can help you realize the trip of your dreams.

What are Flying Blue Promo Rewards?

Flying Blue Promo Rewards are special, discounted rewards which you can book with your Flying Blue miles. Each month offers different rewards, from European flights on Air France and KLM to lower-cost domestic flights with SkyTeam partners to hotel stays and car rentals.

Benefits of Flying Blue Promo Rewards

This month’s Flying Blue Promo Rewards offer some excellent deals for European flights. Here are a few benefits of taking advantage of this month’s rewards:

  • Affordability: You can get some great deals on flights to Europe this month with Flying Blue Promo Rewards.
  • Convenience: You can book any flight listed using your miles, so you can save time and hassle.
  • Flexibility: You can choose from a variety of rewards, including flights on Air France and KLM, domestic flights with SkyTeam partners, hotel stays, and car rentals.

How to Redeem Flying Blue Promo Rewards Points

To redeem your Flying Blue Promo Rewards points, simply log in to your account and browse the Promo Rewards page to find the flights that best suit your needs. Once you have chosen your flight, select “Redeem with Miles”. You will then be given the final details of the flight, including date and time, and you will have the option to book directly with your miles.


This month’s Flying Blue Promo Rewards offer some fantastic discounts on flights to Europe. There are also deals available on domestic flights, hotel stays and car rentals. Be sure to take advantage of these great deals before it’s too late!

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