Monsoon bike ride to Madikeri – July 2021

Monsoon Bike Ride to Madikeri – July 2021

Amidst the midst of Pandemic, July 2021, we decided to stretch our limits and dive into a thrilling road trip across the serene hills of Madikeri, Karnataka.

Every year, between July and August, Monsoon showers brings immense respite from the heat and dust, and in 2021, we decided to take advantage of it, with a thrilling bike journey to one of Karnataka’s most beautiful destinations.

The Peeps:

We were a bunch of 5, each on their own bike – Lance, Steven, Paul, Harry and me – all avid bikers, based in Bengaluru.

The Route:

Being the smallest town in the state of Karnataka – Madikeri is pretty much close to Bengaluru, when it comes to the road distance.

  • We chose to take the Southern route, and started off our journey early in the morning at 4:30 AM, via Bengaluru – Tumakuru – Srirangapatna – Mysuru – Hunsur and finally Madikeri
  • The total distance covered was approximately 240 KM and this was to include an overnight stay in the stunning Hunsur town.

The Journey:

  • The journey was in itself an adventure, taking us through scenic highways and open roads, beautiful villages, lakes and of course, the much-needed monsoon showers. We did make a few adrenalin-spiking sprints here and there, and there was more than enough time to make the necessary pit stops and photograph the mesmerizing scenes along the way.
  • Finally we reached Hunsur after a really nice tiring ride, where we stayed overnight and made plans for an early morning ride to Madikeri.

The Ride:

The morning air was cool and calm as we started to ride towards our final destination.

  • Apart from the beautiful rural landscape, we were especially enchanted by the sight of the meandering rivers part our way. Loud fog horns from vehicles coming from the opposite direction was our choice of music.
  • Post crossing some villages, and a few torturous hairpin bends, we finally made it to our destination of Madikeri. The city is lush green, draped in crop plantations, and misty fog that added a feeling of tranquillity for every traveller.
  • We stayed there for a few days, explored the city, and even went ahead to visit the nearby spots, like Dubare Elephant Camp. We finally bid farewell to the place and started on our way back home, after a really memorable bike ride.

All in all, the ride was an amazing experience and I would definitely love to visit the place again in near future.

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