Increase in Air Traffic at Morocco’s Airports

Morocco’s airports have recently seen an increase in air traffic and are doing their part in easing the transportation of goods and people. A sustained recovery in passenger numbers has been seen, with a growth in domestic flights and an increase in the number of arriving and departing international flights, as regulations begin to relax across the country.

Domestic Flights See Improvement

Domestic air traffic has been particularly strong in recent weeks, benefitting from the current improvements in air passenger travel regulations. According to reports from the Ministry of Transport, the number of domestic flights from Moroccan airports to other cities has grown exponentially, with many travellers now feeling more confident about taking domestic flights.

International Flights Also Increasing

The trend for international flights has also been positive, with the number of arriving and departing international flights increased compared to the period before the pandemic. Airports have been busy accommodating increased arrivals and departures, with airports across the country supporting the transportation of goods and people around the world.

Safety Measures in Place at Airports

Airports across Morocco have adapted their security provisions in line with pandemic regulations, and have been introducing several measures to protect passengers and staff. These include:

  • Temperature checks – At some airports, passengers will have their temperatures taken upon entry.
  • Masks & Sanitization – Passengers are required to wear masks throughout their journey, and hand sanitizing points are being installed throughout airports.
  • Social Distancing – There are signals and barriers indicating that passengers should maintain appropriate distances from each other throughout their journey.

These measures are in place to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff while they travel, so that everyone can feel safe while they make their journey.


Morocco’s airports have seen a sustained recovery in air travel, both domestic and international. With safety measures in place and an increase in the number of flights, the country is taking steps to improve air passenger travel and ensure the efficientfacilitation of the transportation of goods and people.

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