Not so fast: JetBlue’s proposed Amsterdam flights hit regulatory roadblock

JetBlue’s Proposed Amsterdam Flights Delayed by Regulatory Roadblock

JetBlue recently announced a plan to offer flights from the U.S. to Amsterdam in 2021, but the plan has hit a snag. The company has encountered a regulatory roadblock that could delay the launch of their proposed service.

Why The Delay?

The proposed Amsterdam service faces two significant roadblocks. The first is the United States-Netherlands Bilateral Air Transport Agreement, which sets out the conditions under which U.S. airlines may operate international flights to the Netherlands. The agreement has been stuck in bureaucracy for several years, with no sign of a resolution in sight.

The second roadblock is the European Union’s “open skies” policy. Under this policy, U.S.-based airlines are not allowed to fly from the U.S. to destinations in the EU unless they also offer domestic service to other EU destinations.

Are JetBlue’s Amsterdam Dreams Dead?

There is hope for JetBlue’s Amsterdam dreams yet. JetBlue is in talks with the Dutch government to try and find a way around the regulatory hurdles. The airline is hoping to convince the Dutch government to approve their proposal and allow the Amsterdam service to launch in 2021.

Meanwhile, JetBlue has also applied for a “foreign carrier permit” from U.S. regulators, which would allow the airline to operate flights to Amsterdam without having to comply with the EU “open skies” policy.

What Comes Next?

JetBlue is still hoping to launch their Amsterdam service as soon as possible. It’s likely that they will reach an agreement with Dutch authorities, but the process is likely to be long and complicated.

It’s also possible that U.S. regulators will reject JetBlue’s request for a foreign carrier permit. If this happens, JetBlue will need to find another way to break through the regulatory roadblocks in order to realize their Amsterdam dreams.

In Summary

JetBlue’s proposed Amsterdam flights have hit a regulatory roadblock but the airline is determined to make their plans a reality. They are currently in talks with the Dutch government and are hoping to get approval for their plans as soon as possible. If that doesn’t work, they’ll need to find an alternative way to reach their goal.