Qantas unveils new business-class seats for Project Sunrise marathon flights

Qantas Unveils New Business-Class Seats for Project Sunrise Marathon Flights

Qantas has unveiled their new state-of-the-art business-class seat “Project Sunrise” in anticipation of their non-stop marathon flights between London and Sydney.

The airline company revealed the new business-class cabin as part of its plans to launch the world’s longest commercial flight route. It underwent intensive testing by Boeing and Qantas engineers to make sure it meets passengers’ requirements for comfort and convenience.

The design is the outcome of collaboration between the airline and Boeing, featuring elements that aim to improve sleep quality and overall passenger pleasure.


The new Project Sunrise business-class features a number of innovative features:

  • Lay-flat beds with adjustable firmness – the business-class seat is able to recline into a full lie-flat position and can also be adjusted to provide firm or softer support.
  • In-chair massage – massage is available at the push of a button for those long-haul trips.
  • Height adjustable footrests and headrests – to ensure the perfect resting position.
  • Ergonomic design – designed using ergonomics principles to better suit the form of a human body for improved comfort.
  • Extra storage – for a variety of items, including a laptop or tablet.


The new business-class seats are Qantas’ response to their increasing demand for non-stop flights. Passengers can now enjoy a more restful sleep with improved comfort, convenience, and quality.

Qantas has set a high standard and with Project Sunrise, travelers can enjoy their flight in style and comfort.

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