Rental Platforms Report – Tourists Are Back In Europe

Europe is seeing a rise in the number of tourists and guests. According to local sources and data from popular rental platforms, visitors have returned in the wake of relaxing Covid-19 restrictions and the continued success of the vaccine rollout.

Vacation Rentals In Popular Destinations

Vacation rental companies in Europe’s most popular destinations are reporting increases in guest and visitor numbers. Areas such as the French Riviera, the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, and the Greek islands are among the most sought after destinations.

The travel booking starting point Abritel, which is part of HomeAway, an American home rental platform, found that out of all the countries in Europe, France has attracted the most number of bookings for vacation rentals, followed by Spain and Greece.

Bookings for Summer 2021

The data from the rental platforms also points to a rise in bookings for the summer of 2021. Vacation rentals are booked across the continent, from the United Kingdom to Croatia, with the summer months being the most popular for visitors.

The Impact of Vaccines

The rollout of successful vaccines has had a positive impact on the number of people travelling within Europe. With the majority of European countries now vaccinating its citizens, people are feeling more comfortable travelling again and thus booking trips to popular destinations. This has contributed to the rise in numbers of visitors and guests in Europe.

What this means for the future of travel

The success of the vaccine rollout and the increasing number of tourists visiting destinations across Europe is a sign of a future of more travel. As people continue to feel more confident in travelling, the rental platforms are expecting an even greater influx of visitors this summer.

Things to Remember

Some governments may still have restrictions on travel, so it is important to check the specific requirements for each country before travelling internationally.

It is also important to be aware of the possibility of local lockdowns and restrictions, and research beforehand how the rental platform you are booking with handles cancellations and refunds.

Here are some additional safety tips for when travelling:

  • Wash your hands regularlyand use hand sanitiser when available.
  • Maintain social distancing where possible, and respect the local rules and regulations.
  • Pack your own snacks, such as energy bars and drinks, to avoid unnecessary contact with common-use surfaces.

Overall, Europe is open for business and tourism is increasing as the vaccine rollout continues. By staying safe and following the guidelines outlined above, you will be ready for a safe, relaxing and fun vacation.