The Return of Chinese Tourists and Its Impact on the World

The recent pandemic plunged the global tourism industry into a difficult position. Everywhere, industry experts are assessing the consequences of the pandemic on global tourism, millions of jobs, and the global economy. However, in the midst of this chaos, one beacon of hope emerges: the return of Chinese tourists.

Rise of Chinese Tourism Post-Pandemic

Recent data from the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reveals that Chinese tourists already account for over 25% of the world tourism market. Even as the pandemic unfold, Chinese tourists have already taken to the skies at home and abroad.

The shift has caused Chinese tourists to have more spending power and more confidence in their safety. This in turn has allowed for the Chinese tourism industry to increase its presence worldwide.

Impact of Chinese Tourism on the Global Economy

The return of Chinese tourists can have enormous implications for the global economy. In 2020, Chinese tourists spent an estimated $145 billion while travelling abroad. This spending helps to support local economies in cities and nations around the world.

Further, the return of Chinese tourists helps aid the recovery of businesses such as airlines and hotels who were hit hard by the pandemic. This can help create new jobs, helping to drive the global economy forward.

Safety for Chinese Tourists and Everyone Else

Safety is also a paramount concern for Chinese tourists. To make the experience safer for both locals and tourists, China and many other nations have implemented measures including:

  • Vaccine requirements to ensure the safety of visitors to the country.
  • Quarantine requirements to limit the spread of disease.
  • Tightened safety guidelines to better protect against infection.

These measures help to keep tourists as safe as possible and help to protect local residents by limiting the spread of the virus.


The return of Chinese tourists can give a much needed boost to the global economy. It will help to create new jobs, delat with the financial losses created by the pandemic, and give countries around the world a much needed financial boost. Safety remains a top priority for Chinese tourists, and both governments and businesses are taking steps to ensure the safety of both citizens and tourists.

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