‘Rogers’ Musical Coming to California Adventure

Rogers’ Musical Coming to California Adventure

The world of Rogers’ Neighborhood is coming to life at The Disney (“California Adventure”) Park in California. Fans of the classic television show will be excited to find out that a musical is in the works and will be opening in Fall 2021.


The musical will capture all the charm and whimsy of the show by bringing a number of beloved characters to life on the stage. Audiences will be able to enjoy scenes that explore how Mister Rogers’ Neighorhood can serve as a model for a peaceful and kind world.

Activites and Fun

Attendees will be in for a treat, with plenty of activities and fun for the whole family. There will be:

  • Interactive Sets: Explore the mythical land of Make-Believe and meet some of the show’s most beloved characters.
  • Live Performances: Watch as the actors bring all theclassic music and stories to life on stage.
  • Events and Attractions: Enjoy special themed events, activities, and attractions throughout the park.
  • Kid Friendly Activities: There will be plenty of kid-friendly activities and games throughout the park, so everyone will be able to have fun.


This is sure to be an event to remember, as the beloved characters of Rogers’ Neighborhood come alive on stage. Children and adults alike will be able to reminisce and take away lessons of kindness and understanding. The musical plans to open in Fall 2021, so mark your calendars and keep an eye out for dates!