Six Senses Napa Valley will bring wellness and sustainability

Six Senses Napa Valley Will Bring Wellness and Sustainability

Six Senses Napa Valley has recently announced plans to open a new resort in the heart of Northern California’s wine country. This luxury hotel will offer a vast array of wellness and sustainability initiatives that exemplify modern hospitality.


Six Senses Napa Valley will be the ultimate destination for wellness. The hotel will feature a state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga studio, as well as introduce a host of new treatments and experiences. Guests will have access to a variety of activities such as hiking, swimming, and cycling amongst the beautiful Napa Valley landscape. The spa and wellness center will offer a curated selection of all-natural treatments, beauty rituals, and outdoor activities with a focus on restoring balance.


The hotel will be built using a range of sustainable techniques to minimize its environmental footprint. Six Senses is a leader in sustainable hospitality and is working to become carbon negative by 2035. The resort will employ energy efficient technologies, utilize renewable energy sources, and invest in water conservation projects. The hotel will also encourage sustainable tourism by offering guests farm-to-table dining experiences, providing locally-sourced and organic ingredients.

Wine Country Living

Lawrence Osborne, President of Six Senses, stated that “six senses Napa Valley is the perfect marriage of health and pleasure.” Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Napa Valley, visit world-renowned wineries and take part in various cultural events and activities. With modern amenities and thoughtful design, the resort is set to provide guests with a truly memorable and luxurious experience.

The Ultimate Getaway

Six Senses Napa Valley is sure to become a destination unlike any other in Northern California. With an emphasis on wellness and sustainability, the resort will provide the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation for the ultimate getaway.

Six Senses Napa Valley

  • State-of-the-art fitness center and yoga studio
  • Variety of activities, such as hiking, swimming, and cycling
  • Host of new treatments and experiences
  • Energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources
  • Farm-to-table dining experiences
  • Cultural events and activities