Souvenirs or the Best Things to Buy in Kerala

The Best Things To Buy in Kerala

Kerala, the breathtakingly gorgeous southern state of India is a popular holiday destination. Its backwaters, hill-stations, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches and more attract travelers from all corners of the globe. Apart from experiencing the beauty of Kerala, shopping here is a truly delightful experience. Here are some souvenirs you can buy in Kerala to reminisce your stay here:

Tea and Spices

Kerala is famous for its spices, tea and coffee. Buying these as souvenirs is a great way to remember this place. Check out the traditional spice markets to buy some of the best tea and spices. You could get freshly ground spices and tea in attractive packages from these stores to take back home.

Handmade Items

Kerala is also home to some of the finest handmade products in India. If you’re looking for souvenirs, you can find many items made out of coir, cane, bamboo, palm leaves and other materials here. Mattu petti, elephant figurines and palm leaf paintings are popular souvenirs from Kerala.

Jute Bags

Jute is widely used in Kerala and lends itself well to traditional designs that make lovely souvenirs. You can find jute bags of varying sizes and designs, hand-painted with all kinds of motifs. These colourful bags make great accessories while making your travels a little eco-friendlier.


Kerala’s rich textile heritage is well known and makes it a great place to pick up clothes. You can find beautifully tailored traditional garments with bright embroidery work. Kerala also has a range of handloom saris and ponchos which are a great buy here.

Kerala sure has great options for souvenirs and gift items. With a little searching, you’re sure to find many delightful items you can take back home.

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