St Thomas Mount- Knowing the Unknown

St Thomas Mount- Knowing the Unknown

St Thomas mount is a small hillock located in South Chennai, India. It is known for its pilgrimage spots associated with Saint Thomas and other various Hindu temples which are located here.


The history of St Thomas Mount dates back to almost 2000 years ago, when it is believed that Saint Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus, arrived in India. It is said that this is where he was martyred by some merchants of the Mylapore region. He was buried in the same spot on top of the hillock, where the small church dedicated to him stands today.


Today, St Thomas Mount is a popular pilgrimage destination. The hillock is home to several Hindu temples and a church dedicated to Saint Thomas, making it a unique combination of religious sites.

  • Church of Saint Thomas – The Church of Saint Thomas is believed to be the spot where St Thomas was martyred. The church houses two relics which were brought by the Portuguese, one of which is a piece of wood said to be from the original cross on which Jesus was crucified.
  • Santhome Church – The Santhome church is a prominent landmark of the mount, built in a Gothic style of architecture. This church was originally built by the Portuguese and is dedicated to Saint Thomas.
  • Ettukkal Cave Temple – This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is located right at the beginning of the mount. This small temple is believed to be the spot where St Thomas took his last rest before being martyred.
  • Temple of Our Lady of Expectation – This temple is a more recent addition to the mount, located right beside the St Thomas church. This temple is also dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Apart from these religious attractions, the mount is also home to a small museum which showcases artefacts from the bygone era.


St Thomas Mount is becoming increasingly popular among visitors due to its unique mix of religious attractions. If you plan to visit this place, do not forget to pay your respects to Saint Thomas and explore the artefacts in the museum.

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