Strategy Guide for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Strategy Guide for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Visit during non-peak season

To maximize your experience in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, plan your trip outside of peak season. Visiting during the week, offseason, and avoiding holiday weekends is your best bet. Not only will you be able to avoid big crowd and lines, you’ll also be able to take full advantage of activities that the theme park offers.

Optimize your FastPass+

Since Super Nintendo World is very popular, it’s best to take advantage of the Universal Studios Hollywood FastPass+ system. This will allow you to skip the regular lines and get right into the attractions that you want to experience.

Be sure to plan your FastPass+ in advance and coordinate with your friends or family to make sure you don’t miss out on the best attractions.

Stay hydrated and take breaks

Super Nintendo World can be an adrenaline-filled adventure, but it’s also important to stay hydrated and take regular breaks. Staying hydrated will help prevent you from getting fatigued and will ensure you keep up your energy levels.

It’s also important to give yourself breaks throughout the day so you can rest and recharge before the next round of activities. The best way to do this is to plan for a few stops along the way, such as grabbing a snack or visiting one of the many shops in the vicinity.

Pack smart

Sun safety is also critical in Super Nintendo World, so make sure you bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Other items you’ll want to bring include:

  • Comfortable shoes โ€“ you’ll be doing a lot of walking so make sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive
  • Snacks โ€“ as mentioned above, taking regular snack breaks is a great way to re-energize
  • A camera โ€“ the Super Nintendo World experience is one you’ll want to remember, so make sure to capture your journey!

Enjoy the adventure

Finally, be sure to take the time to actually enjoy the journey. Super Nintendo World has a lot to offer so be sure to immerse yourself into the world and make the most of your experience.