The 6 Best Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

6 Best Hostels in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is a top destination for visitors from around the world to explore the natural beauty, vibrant city life and unique Brazilian culture. Whether you are looking for a opulent suite in a five-star hotel or just a cozy place to rest your head at night, Rio De Janeiro will not disappoint! Here are the 6 best hostels in Rio de Janeiro to pick up while on a budget.

1. Solar do Rosario

Solar do Rosario is located in the bohemian district of Lapa, Solar do Rosario is a charming and homey hostel with a beautiful courtyard, lovely pool and great social atmosphere. It is also quite close to many of the city’s top attractions like the famous Lapa Steps.

2. Urban’s Hostel Rio

Urban’s Hostel Rio is in the heart of the city and offers an amazing view of the the Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer. Being in the center of town makes it a great location for exploring nearby nightlife. The atmosphere is friendly while the interior is well designed and modern.

3. Galapagos Hostel

Galapagos Hostel is a great place to stay, just blocks away from Copacabana beach. Galapagos is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and rooftop bar, which is the ideal spot for enjoying a nice sunset meal or drink with friends. They also offer a variety of activities for guests.

4. Hostel ZN Rio Pousada

Hostel ZN Rio Pousada is a fun and relaxed base for exploring Rio. The hostel is conveniently located near the Santa Teresa neighborhood and has an outdoor terrace and pool to relax in. It has a communal kitchen and living area, great for socializing and making new friends.

5. Doiz Rio Hostel

Doiz Rio Hostel is a great place to stay not far from the world famous Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. The staff is incredibly friendly and the rooms are comfortable and clean. They also have a shared kitchen, library and lounge with great views of the city.

6. Minervan Hostel

Minervan Hostel is a great option for those looking for a modern and sleek place to stay in Rio. The hostel is close to the Botatic Gardens and Flamengo beach, making it great for exploring the city. They offer comfortable guest rooms, as well as a great lounge area, perfect for a night out.

These are just a few of the best hostels in Rio de Janeiro to consider for your next stay. No matter which one you choose, you can enjoy all that Rio has to offer without breaking the bank!