The coolest rooms at sea? This cruise line is converting a helicopter hangar into super suites

The Coolest Rooms at Sea: Helicopter Hangar Converted into Super Suites

Cruise lines have been continuously innovating when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences on the superstructure of the ship. With their latest venture, they’ve taken the in-suite experience to the next level with a helicopter hangar converted into two extraordinary suites.

A Room with a View!

Cruises not only provide the opportunity to visit exciting places all over the world but also offer a wide range of activities, luxurious amenities, and unforgettable experiences while on board. Now, they’re offering one more extraordinary experience – two helicopter hangar converted into ultra-luxurious suites.

What You Can Expect

These unique suites offer a unique and inventive way for guests to enjoy unbeatable views of the sea and the exotic locations where the cruise stops. The suites come with 180-degree ocean views:

  • Huge balcony with a jacuzzi: Take advantage of the views from the largest terrace ever seen in a suite, equipped with a hot tub.
  • The ultimate comfort: The suite also offers comfort in an intimate atmosphere for night long relaxation.
  • Hidden luxuries: A range of hidden luxuries are also provided like a mini-theatre, gym, sauna and wine cellar.

Live the Dream

These luxurious suites are now the reach of a handful, providing the opportunity to live a dream life in the wide open sea. From majestic sunsets to mesmerizing starry nights, the suites redefine the concept of luxury travel, giving their guests a truly unique experience to take with them.

So, if you’re planning your next cruise, make sure to check out if these helicopter hangar converted suites are part of the package – they’re not to be missed!

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