The unknown Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast: Discover the Unknown West African Country

The Ivory Coast is a nation located in the western part of Africa, bordered by five other West African countries. Though most people in the West are familiar with Ivory Coast’s capital city of Abidjan, the rest of the country still remains undiscovered. Here’s your guide to discovering the unknown Ivory Coast.

The Culture

Ivory Coast culture is rich and diverse. It’s made up of dozens of different ethnic and regional groups, each with its own language and traditions. In addition to the variety of cultures, the country has some of the most amazing cuisine in West Africa. The most popular dishes include sweet plantains, spicy chicken stews, and seafood sauces.

The Sightseeing

Ivory Coast is home to some spectacular places for sightseeing. Whether it’s the beachfront promenade of Grand Bassam to the historic colonial-era buildings of Grand Bassam, there’s plenty to explore throughout the country. Other popular places to visit in Ivory Coast include the bustling markets of Korhogo and the breathtaking waterfalls of the Man River National Park.

The Adventures

Ivory Coast is perfect for adventure seekers. The nation features some of the most stunning natural attractions in West Africa, including mountains, forests, national parks, and savannahs. Choose from activities such as mountain biking, rafting, climbing, and wildlife spotting.


The Ivory Coast doesn’t get nearly as much attention as its larger neighbors, but its miles of beaches, vibrant culture, and spectacular natural attractions make it well worth discovering. Whether you’re a beach bum, a culture enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, Ivory Coast has something for everyone. So, go explore the unknown Ivory Coast today!

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