This Super Bowl ad could help you score discounted travel or $1,000 in travel vouchers

This Super Bowl Ad Could Help You Score Discounted Travel or $1000 in Travel Vouchers

This year, the Super Bowl is bringing you the chance to score discounted travel or even a whopping $1000 in travel vouchers! That’s right – the creative forces at Super Bowl 51 have cooked up a special ad spot from TripAdvisor that gives you the chance to grab some great travel deals.

How It Works

It’s super easy! All you have to do is watch the TripAdvisor Super Bowl 51 commercial, which airs during the game on Sunday, February 5th. As you watch, keep a close eye out for a private promotional code that flashes on the screen. That code offers you the chance to score one of the following deals:

  • Discounted travel: Get 15% off your next hotel booking, and 10% off domestic airfare and car rentals.
  • $1000 in travel vouchers: One lucky viewer will win $1000 worth of travel vouchers.

How to Redeem

To redeem your discounted travel offer or enter to win the $1000 in travel vouchers, visit TripAdvisor’s website. Then simply enter the code from the Super Bowl ad, and you’re all set!

So don’t miss out – join the fun and get ready for some great travel deals during the Super Bowl!

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