Top 3 Reasons To Move To Philippines As An Expat

Top 3 Reasons To Move To Philippines As An Expat

Are you considering a move to the Philippines as an expat? There are many wonderful reasons to make this move โ€“ but here are the top three!

1. The Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Philippines is incredibly low compared to other countries, particularly when it comes to rent, food and day-to-day expenses. Especially in smaller cities, you can have a great lifestyle with few financial worries.

2. The Cuisine

The Philippine cuisine is a mix of Chinese, Spanish, American, and native cooking traditions. It’s sure to keep you excited with its colourful and flavourful dishes โ€“ and the strong cultural importance of food means that you’ll always be able to enjoy a great meal.

3. The People

The Philippines is famous for its warm and friendly people. The culture is all about hospitality, respect and family values โ€“ meaning you will be welcomed with open arms by locals who prioritise making you feel at home.

So if you are looking for an affordable destination with amazing food and welcoming people, the Philippines is the perfect place to make your expat home!