Tourism in Vienna Finally Recovers from Corona Crisis

The Austrian capital Vienna is known for its unique culture, vibrant music scene and majestic architecture. After struggling through the first wave of the Corona pandemic, Vienna is now slowly recovering, with tourism picking up once again.

Impact of the Corona Crisis

The corona crisis has had a significant impact on the tourism industry, and Vienna was no exception. With all of Europe’s borders closed and travel restrictions in place, Vienna saw tourist numbers plummet. Hotels, restaurants and attractions were all feeling the pressure of the economic downturn.

Cautious Reopening

Vienna is starting to reopen cautiously, with all hotels, restaurants, and attractions open once again. Tourists are now able to visit the city and experience all of its culture and attractions.

How to Enjoy the City Safely

Although Vienna is beginning to recover from the pandemic, visitors should still take precautions. Here are some tips for enjoying the city safely:

  • Walking tours: Rather than attending large public tours, consider private tours with your own small group.
  • Mask use: Wear a face mask at all times when in public spaces.
  • Social distancing: Maintain a safe distance from other people when out and about in the city.
  • Handwashing: Before and after eating, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

Unique Experiences on Offer

The city has plenty to offer, from international cuisine to sightseeing and culture. Vienna’s baroque architecture is a delight to explore, and the incredible musical legacy of the city means concerts and music venues are open once again. Food-lovers can visit local markets or sample some of the world-renowned Viennese pastries.


The city of Vienna is now open to tourists, and there is plenty to explore and enjoy. However, visitors should bear in mind that there are still some restrictions in place, and precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of all. Whether you’re looking for culture, music, food or sightseeing, Vienna has something to offer everyone.