Travel Behavior of Germans – Preferring Shorter Trips

Germans have a unique travel behavior, with most of them opting for shorter trips. This trend has been increasing over the past few years, with more and more Germans choosing to take shorter getaways rather than longer trips.

Reasons for Preferring Shorter Trips

There are several reasons for this preference for shorter trips.

  • Convenience – Shorter trips are often more convenient, as they require less planning and organization, which is especially attractive for busy Germans.
  • Savings – Germans often use holidays as a way to minimize their expenses. Taking shorter trips helps save on costs such as airfare and accommodation.
  • Flexibility – With shorter trips, there is more flexibility as it’s easier to change dates or destinations.
  • Exploring – Shorter trips allow for more chances to explore new places, activities, and sights, without having to commit to an extended stay.

Popular Cities and Destinations

The most popular cities for shorter trips among Germans are usually in their own country. These often include destinations such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. However, cities abroad are also becoming increasingly popular for shorter trips. Examples include Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, and Rome.


Germans have increasingly been preferring shorter trips over longer trips in recent years. This is mostly due to the convenience, flexibility, and savings they get from taking shorter getaways. Popular destinations for shorter trips are usually in Germany, but cities abroad are becoming increasingly favored as well.

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