Travel on 15th August: A Liberty Taxi Ride With Bharat Taxi

Travel on 15th August: A Joy Ride with Bharat Taxi

15th August is a day of celebration in India. On this day, everyone will be out in the crowd, celebrating India’s independence. To make the middle of these celebrations, Bharat Taxi has introduced an exclusive ‘Liberty Taxi Ride’.

What Is This Liberty Ride?

This Liberty Taxi Ride is a one-of-a-kind offer, which is available for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of independence on this day. The ride is provided by Bharat Taxi’s experienced drivers.

The cab booking service provider has provided its customers with exquisite cars like:

  • Toyota Altis
  • Vintage Beetle
  • BMW 320d
  • Honda City & Jazz

which can be booked for the Liberty Taxi Ride.

Benefits of Booking a Liberty Taxi Ride

  • Economic: The Liberty Ride by Bharat Taxi is available at an economic price of Rs. 999 for a single trip.
  • Safe & Secure: All the rides are provided with trained and experienced drivers. Bharat Taxi ensures that all its services are provided with upmost safety and security.
  • Personalized Service: Customers can personalize their Liberty Taxi Ride with the number of passengers, route and other preferences.
  • Unlimited Rides: Bharat Taxi allows its customers to take unlimited trips within a 15 km radius during the day with their Liberty Taxi Ride.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your Liberty Taxi Ride and enjoy a memorable journey with Bharat Taxi on 15th August, the special day of our freedom!

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