United begins Dubai flights in once-unthinkable Emirates partnership

United Airlines & Emirates Partnership

United Airlines and Emirates announced a newfound partnership that will see United begin
flights to Dubai and other popular destinations in the United Arab Emirates. This once-unthinkable
partnership marks a first in the history of United Airlines, and opens the door to new travel opportunities
for their customers.

What this Means

This partnership means that United Airlines customers can now access a wide range of new flight
options, including flights to Dubai and other destinations in the United Arab Emirates. This
arrangement also opens up travel opportunities to customers who could not otherwise access
these destinations.

The Emirates Airline is well known for its luxury services, and its partnership with United Airlines
will offer those same world-class amenities to those booking flights through United. Some of these
luxury amenities, like the Emirates Chauffeur service and their inflight entertainment system,
can now be experienced by travelers without needing to purchase an Emirates ticket.

What Customers Can Expect

Customers can expect a seamless experience making connections between United and Emirates
flights. Travelers will not need to go through a new booking process when making a connection to
an Emirates destination; they can simply book the United flight and follow the normal procedure
for making the connection at the destination airport.

There are several enhanced amenities customers can expect when flying with United and Emirates.
These include:

  • Seamless, effortless booking processes: Customers will be able to easily book
    their flights in one go and have a smooth journey as they make connections at their destination.
  • Luxury amenities: As part of the partnership, United customers can now enjoy
    Emirates’ Chauffeur service and inflight entertainment system, as well as their comfortable
    cabins and world-class service.
  • More travel destinations: Customers now have access to more destinations,
    opening up a world of travel potential.

The partnership between United and Emirates is an exciting opportunity for customers to access a
variety of new destinations and experience the world-class amenities that Emirates is known for.
The partnership offers customers more convenience and more options when it comes to planning
trips, making it easier than ever to travel to Dubai and beyond.

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